"The Byrdmans" Radio Broadcasting Schools and Career Guide Reveals the Secret to Becoming an On-Air Broadcaster...Even Without Contacts

Broadcasting veteran Tim Byrd reveals his best kept secrets for successfully getting your foot in the door of the broadcasting industry and earning promotions.


Tim Byrd, aka "The Byrdman"

Tim Byrd finally shares his closely guarded insider secrets for breaking into broadcasting - learned over the past 40-plus years in the Radio, TV, Film and Voiceover industries. "The Byrdmans'" radio tours have included 11 years in New York at the cities top stations WNBC (with Howard Stern and Don Imus), WPIX-FM and Hot 97, while simultaneously working on-air for VH1 as one of their original VJ's. His other tour stops have included Mix 107.3 in Washington D.C., Phoenix, Jacksonville and Cleveland before settling in So. Florida for the past decade. Tim's signature voice and voiceover company, Voxpower, continues to be in high demand as he is represented by the William Morris Agency in Los Angeles.

The secret to becoming a radio broadcaster?

For over 40 years of my radio broadcasting, television, and voiceover career, countless scores of people such as you have approached me in pursuit of "The Secret" to breaking into broadcasting.

If you were to approach me today and ask that question, the first thing you'd be told is: There are no secrets to breaking into radio broadcasting. There are just things you don't know - yet."

These "things you don't know yet" are a series of proven principles to understand, recognize, and follow.

By reading the following Radio Broadcasting Schools and Career Guide, you'll discover exactly what those principles are that I share with others to this very day.

What is "The Byrdmans" Radio Broadcasting Schools and Career Guide?

Think of this as your own personal handbook on how to - and how NOT to - become a Radio DJ, Sports Broadcaster, Talk Show Host or News Broadcaster, based on the insider knowledge and experience of a broadcasting veteran with over 40 years in the business.

"In this report, you will discover"

  • Why traditional radio broadcasting schools are usually a waste of your time and money (and what industry pros REALLY think of them). (Read Pg. 4)
  • Better options than broadcasting schools
  • Who internships are strictly reserved for. (Page 5)
  • The little known "secret" to breaking into radio broadcasting, television and voiceovers... that is hiding in plain sight. (You MUST read pages 15 & 16)
  • Why finding a broadcasting mentor is critical to your success. (page 29)
  • How to easily find a nearby broadcasting mentor. (Page 25)
  • Problems college radio can create for you (unintentionally). (Page 8)
  • The true value of a college degree when trying to land a broadcasting job. (page 9)
  • What's most important: Your voice, personality - or your contacts? (page 27)
  • Why mobile and club DJ's should consider radio
  • The truth about public access community radio. (page 11)
  • The 3 best FREE and low cost places to host your own internet radio show if you're uncertain about radio broadcasting as a career. (page 20)
  • How & where to meet influential decision-makers who have the ability to hire you. (you'll love page 26)
  • What gives your demo tape REAL value? (page 33)
  • How to make industry contacts today...even if you currently don't know anyone. (pages 20 & 21)

You'll also learn to separate the sales-pitch-hype of traditional radio broadcasting schools, while discovering alternate, less expensive, and even FREE methods for acquiring your necessary broadcast training needs.

By learning "how NOT to break into broadcasting," you'll discover seven dead-end paths to avoid at all costs if you ever hope to break into broadcasting.

Chances are that if you're reading this page, at this very moment you may be considering one of those dead end paths to begin your broadcasting career. Making even one of these fatal mistakes will not only ruin your chances of ever becoming a broadcaster, but it's likely to cost you thousands of dollars, as well.

Like any other industry, broadcasting has changed over the years...and so too have the methods for breaking in changed. Understanding these changes can be the difference between becoming an on-air broadcaster yourself... or hopelessly remaining an outsider to the industry.

If you're considering breaking into radio broadcasting in any capacity, these are just a few of the confusing options you may be considering as your entry into the front door:

  • Radio Broadcasting Schools
  • College Internships
  • Mentor-Apprenticeship Training Programs
  • Community Radio Stations
  • Internet Radio Broadcasting
  • Podcasting

As you can see, you have many options to choose from in starting your broadcasting career, but you'll first need to know if they're:

  • Dependable in delivering results?
  • Convenient for your current schedule?
  • Available if you're not in college?
  • Affordable on your current budget?

"How You Used To Be Able to Break into Broadcasting?"

When I broke into radio broadcasting in 1969, your voice was your meal ticket, volunteering at a radio station was possible, anyone could get an internship, and traditional radio broadcasting schools actually worked.

Not anymore!

This guide also details why the tactics that used to work for getting your foot in the door of the broadcasting industry are ineffective today, and what regulations were put in place that changed the rules of the game.

More importantly, "The Byrdmans Radio Broadcasting Schools and Career Guide" you're about to read will reveal little-known insider insights that will equip you with a modern day blueprint into radio broadcasting - IF you follow the advice carefully laid out inside.

A Cost - or an Investment?

Sure, I could give this 51 page report away for free, but my experience has led me to realize that people don't value "FREE". Worse yet, you'd skeptically wonder "what's the catch" and read it with suspicion.

There is no catch.

You can either view this report as a nominal cost...or an investment into sound information that will lead you to your broadcasting destination quicker, easier, and more successfully...while saving you many thousands of dollars a mistake will cost you.

You tell me. What's the monetary value of sharing over 40 years of industry knowledge and insight in a 51-page, information-packed report? Surely hundreds of dollars to a serious broadcasting candidate!

But I'm not going to charge that.

Instead, you can grab "The Byrdmans Radio Broadcasting Schools and Career Guide," including a list of the dead-end paths to avoid and alternative options to consider, for a measly $9.97.

$9.97, that's it! That's less than 40 cents for every year in the business it took me to learn the information you can now almost steal.

On the other hand, if you're not seriously considering effective ways to break into the highly competitive broadcasting industry, then this roadmap to broadcasting success is not for you. I'd suggest you hold on to your hard earned money.

Why, then, am I making this available to you for less than the cost of a small coffee at Starbucks? (Just kidding, Mr. Schultz)

Simple answer.

My motive for writing this report has always been to set the record straight on how to actually break into the radio broadcasting, TV, film or voiceover industry in today's environment.

Getting rich off this insider information has never been my motive, and if it was...I'd charge way more than $9.97.

Frankly, I'm tired of hearing stories of disappointed people suffocating in broadcasting school and college debt because they believed an empty sales pitch from someone who had something to sell them...but didn't know a thing about the actual radio broadcasting, television or voiceover business.

It's as easy as connecting the dots - and following sound advice.

If you follow the roadmap laid out from my over four decades of hands-on involvement and observations in broadcasting, the effort required to construct this 51 page guide will have been well worth it.

Whether you're seeking advice for legitimate ways to get your foot in the door, and eventually landing your first radio broadcasting job, or you're simply a hobbyist seeking to "test drive" your radio broadcasting interests, this report will surely guide you down the pathway to success...as soon as you click the "order" button below.

All the best for your broadcasting success.

Tim Byrd
"The Byrdman"



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P.P.S. Whether your interest is becoming a radio DJ, sports broadcaster, voiceover artist or television personality, the same principles apply: Get your foot in the door - get to know people - let influential people get to know you...and network. This radio broadcasting job and career guide you're about to read will teach you how.

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